Shipments and returns

Shipment of your order

Customer can choose shipping service between the available choices.
In order to improve its service, WRS is partner of the following couriers:

Shipping charges

Shipping charges will be determined automatically during checkout and they will be based on parcel's weight and shipment service.


Customer must check parcel's integrity right after courier delivery:
- number of items must be the same as stated on delivery paperwork;
- external package must be not damaged;

If customer notes any problem , he must refuse shipment by mark the courier's receipt with "RESERVE" or "GOODS UNCHECKED"(specifying the motivation).
Customer should then get in touch with Extreme Components stating the problems.
In case of undeliverable parcels due to customer non-reperibility or other issues not directly depending on Extreme Components responsibility, parcel could be sent back to Extreme Components. In this case, customer will have to pay again freight cost.

How long will my order ship?

The order will be sent to 24/48 hours after receipt of payment and entrusted to our shippers.
If a product is not available promptly notify the customer that the goods will be shipped within 7 days after receipt of payment.

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