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Colorless plexiglass standard for Yamaha R3 (2015/2018) (STK)

Product SKU PF318 STK
Manufacturer Yamaha

Sales price 79,00 €
Sales price without tax 79,00 €
Base price 79,00 €
Base price with tax
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Line of uncolored plexiglass for racing / street bike.

Our products are differ for a special uncolored plastic material that guarantee the better transparency and elasticity on the market. All our plexiglass are certified DOT that guarantee the best quality and the top personal security available on the market.

All our plexiglass are sold with stock holes and designed to be interchangeable with the original.
They are available in two versions: the first version match perfectly with the original plexiglass while the second version is HP (high protection) that guarantee the best aerodynamicity and is developed after many hours of study into the wind tunnel.

For older bike is available the double double version and not the HP version.

Only racing use

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