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Racing bodywork/fairing: Front upper race fairing + side panels + lower race fairing + rear tail + airbox cover for BMW S1000RR (2019/2020)

Product SKU BMW-S1000-20
Manufacturer BMW

Sales price 790,00 €
Base price 790,00 €
Epotex fairings kit for the last born of Monaco di Baviera, the brand new BMW S1000RR.
Our fairings are made through cold rolling of fiberglass in twill texture with a special epoxy resin realized according our specs.
The finish is realized by a special black gelcoat created with a personalized composition as well.
All the fixing points are enforced by unidirectional carbon and not with the usual carbon- kevlar. The kit is not supplied pre-drilled.
The fairings present e nice finish already raw from the molds and an exceptional light weight of 3,7 kgs. (+/-5%).
Regarding flexibility and lightness our body kit Is the best available on the market, lighter than standard fairings in fiber glass and as well as aviofiber kits.
Already available also the front mudguard, the airbox cover with side panels (all in a unique piece) and the airbox inlet tube, in Epotex as the fairings.
The fairings have been developed to optimize the dynamic of the motorcycle and for this reason we realized a seat lower of 3 cm compared to all those produced by our competitors. This choice permit to work widely on the riding position that is a key aspect to guarantee the best motorcycle setup.
Thanks to the gained experience in the World Championship we realized a small front upper fairings, a small lower fairing and wider side panels to work better on the engine and forks clamp without removing the majority of the fairings, but only the side panels.

Airbox cover is mandatory to mount the fairing of the new S1000RR 2019

Technical aspects of EPOTEX Fairings / Bodyworks and Parts:
• 30% lighter than standard fiberglass fairings and parts
• Laminated with Epoxy resin (developed to our specs)
• The external side is made up by black gelcoat
• Additional unidirectional carbon reinforcements on all the mounting points for greater durability and ease installation
• The most flexible and elastic fairings available in the market of fairings not in autoclave produced
• Parts are not painted
• Not pre-drilled and not supplied of fasteners
• Mounting points are indicated on the single parts.

Only racing use

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