GP handlebars 15mm offset

Handlebar (Alu) already used in races by teams that have dominated throughout the season.

Developed from the experience of riders and technicians who use our products.
The main differences are as follows:
- Point of the side lever to the fork leg to have a more direct feeling with the forecarriage (as in MotoGP)
- Does not change the load on the front fork but you can only work on heights (does not shifts the center of gravity forward)
- Smaller in dimension to use brake remote controls and particular instrumentation
- Like the previous ones, a possibility to vary the inclination from 6 to 10 degrees in a graduated scale (in this model) towards the commands and not the instruments
- Thickness of the handlebar stem increased to 3 mm to ensure a higher resistance
- Facilitate the rider who are shorter in height
- Available from 50/51/52/53/55/58 mm linings and also customizable on request

Only racing use

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