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Brake lever rear for Yamaha Tmax

Manufacturer Yamaha

Sales price 88,00 €
Sales price without tax 88,00 €
Base price 88,00 €
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Tips color:
Laser engraving EVO2 lever:


More comfort due to a reduction of the lever profile and the rounding of the upper and lower edges at the hands grips.

More ergonomics, shortening the overall length of 16mm of the lever and at the same time imparting an angle of more accentuated inclination of the stump, we improved the sensitivity even in correction of trajectory in the center of the curve.

More beautiful with all the various processes performed by CNC machines, it is more beautiful, just see the opening like Moto GP, the adjustment wheel, with a three-swings milling to trim more elegantly and reduce the top profile of the lever, the deep black hard anodisation, the various indelible laser engraving to further enhance our levers, so in addition to our classic customisation engraving which refer the brand of the bike, there are two small incisions in the front next to the adjustment knob to indicate the approach of the lever and a logo at the back (EVO I) to emphasize the development done by us to improve our products.

Lighter by 15 grams to 20 grams depending on the model, thanks to the various CNC processes.

More valuable thanks to the finest chrome molybdenum steel couplings and Aluminum 7075 structures. Entirely whole billet.

Type of product:
· Brake and clutch levers
· Aluminum 7075 t6
· Pair of chrome molybdenum steel
· Fully CNC machined whole billet
· Hard anodic oxidation
· Laser engraving personalization (indelible)
· Ergonomics modified to enhanced comfort and performance
· Possibility to vary the length of the lever· End part (tip) available in 5 coloursAdjustments:
· Micrometer adjustment of the distance of the lever through lever control knob or remote control
· Length adjustment of the tip for a shorter or longer lever

Only racing use

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