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Brake lever for Kawasaki

Manufacturer Kawasaki

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The only lever available in the world that modifies the wheelbase of a standard brake and clutch master cylinders!


evo3 distanza


evo3 distanza
With our unique EVO III levers, the company Extreme Components presents a world radical change in the field of brake and clutch lever.

We give the motorcyclists the possibility to customize ad hoc the standard braking systems and hydraulic clutches, and could intervene on their own adjustments that go to actually change the performance of the master cylinders. A natural evolution of our other models (EVO I and EVO II), the EVO III are made of 7075 T6 hard anodized, chrome molybdenum steel couplings and the end part (tip) is available in various colours. Used in World Supersport and Supersock by highly significant teams, were considered technically the best levers on the market with a unique applied technology.

For the first time, the adjustments are:
Adjustment of approach of the lever
Adjustment of the length of the lever
Adjustment of the pivot (wheelbase)
Changing the pivot, gives the opportunity to make braking more aggressive or more adaptable to the track conditions, tire wear and temperature of the asphalt.
Thanks also to our remote adjuster from the clutch handlebar!

Type of product:
· Brake and clutch levers
· Aluminum 7075 t6
· Pair of chrome molybdenum steel
· Fully CNC machined whole billet
· Hard anodic oxidation
· Laser engraving personalization (indelible)
· Ergonomics modified to enhanced comfort and performance
· Possibility to vary the length of the lever
· End part (tip) available in 5 colours
· The only lever in the world that allows to vary the wheelbase of a standard master cylinder
· Micrometer adjustment of wheelbase to customize the braking according to track conditions
· Micrometer adjustment of the distance of the lever with exit angle
· Micrometer adjustment of the distance of the lever through lever control knob or remote control
· Length adjustment of the tip for a shorter or longer lever

Only racing use

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